English verbal skills test

Whether you are using English for work, social life or personal development, it is always useful to be able to confirm your verbal skills with an independent assessment.

SpeakAbility is designed to provide a real assessment of all the elements of your spoken English without the need for examinations or superficial tests that you can find anywhere and without the costs in time and money that often go with them.

Here are some good reasons to choose SpeakAbility for your assessment.
• Taken online using any device or operating system (except Linux)
• Graded by professional native English teachers with international experience
• With no pass or fail grades; only a fair assessment of competence
• Using classic British English standards for grammar. pronunciation and intonation
• No use or sale of any personal data at any time to a third party
• Results sent to you by email within 72 hours and retained for 14 days should you lose or damage your assessment
• No use of artificial intelligence only real people in a real world dealing with you personally
• Full detailed feedback on those elements that need further study or improvement and suggestions to help with that.
• Access to useful information about the EU and international language grading systems that you may need to know about if you are/intend to work or study in another country

So – if you want to know how well you are speaking and have 10 minutes to spare then SpeakAbility could help you to attain your goals and, possibly, help to make your dreams come true.

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