Speakability Verbal Test Starts Now

Give as much detail in your answers as possible. You can answer as many questions as you wish – the fewer questions you attempt, the more detail should be entered – but remember the10 minute speaking deadline and to fill in your name and email before sending. You may choose as many questions as you feel there is time to answer.

Question 1 – Why are you using/studying English? Give detailed answers. Some possible reasons could be Work position purposes – Job seeking – Emigrating – Personal development – travel and holidays-other reasons

Question 2 – Do you have any leisure activities or hobbies that need English to enjoy it or complete it?

Question 3 – Have you visited and/or stayed in Britain at any time: for study, work experience or holidays? What are your most positive and negative memories of the trip or stay? Give your opinion about the people you met; the accommodation you had; the places you visited; the food – all compared to your home country

Question 4 – Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic at the moment. What is your opinion of it in principle? Do you see more risks than benefits to using it? Should there be limitations to the development of it to protect society? Or are you a big fan and think it is real progress that should be available to anyone?

Question 5 – If you can drive and/or own a car – how do you feel about the pending Electric Vehicle changes coming to the Western World? What are some good and bad points about the construction, use of and environmental impact of EV technology?