Speakability Verbal Test

Verbal Test Parameters

The Verbal Skills test will be graded using the following parameters on a scale of 0 – 5 for each element:-

Grammar – Fluency – Vocabulary – Pronunciation – Hesitation – Accent issues – Intonation – Coherence

Test Instructions:

Please fill in your name and email address BEFORE taking the test. Please choose your test questions from the list on the screen. You may choose as many questions as you feel there is time to answer. You will not be able to stop the timer clock at any stage; it will stop automatically at the end of 10 minutes so any pauses for thinking or correcting will still be included in your test recording. This is because such pauses form part of your fluency assessment and part of your final grading. Once the test has ended please make sure to click on the ‘Send’ button so that we receive your test promptly.

All completed tests will be held in our archive for 5 working days in case of any accidental damage or erasure by yourselves so feel free to contact us if you need a copy of your test assessment. Each report will contain some recommendations for further study that may help you to progress

The test report is only intended for the named recipient on the test page and may not be transferred, gifted or sold. Any such attempt to do so will be treated as a legal offence if discovered and may result in legal action being taken.